April 20, 2021

The importance of a connected robot

Imagine a future where every building you walk into consists of an interconnected electronic system that provides cutting-edge, convenient features. Functions like automatic lights or schedule-based building security.

Today’s need for increased efficiency and productivity is quickly making connected automation like this a necessity. And to embrace such a change, facility managers can look toward robotic solutions like Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot.


Due to this interconnectivity in smart buildings, facility managers know about operational issues sooner, make decisions faster and act more insightfully. In other words, automation helps businesses work smarter.

Connected, autonomous devices like commercial floor cleaning robots can work in harmony with smart building infrastructure to boost operational performance and reduce manual workload.

And Neo plays an integral part in supporting this exciting future of connectivity.

Neo is equipped with an industry-standard secure robot network, protected by a firewall and a minimum number of ports open for authorized connections. This enables key features for each Neo, such as advanced performance reporting, cleaning map optimizations and 24/7/365 Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Assistance with regular software updates. Through these connections, our Customer Success Team is able to monitor your Neo(s) to continuously improve based on changing environments. When you own a Neo, you become part of a larger team dedicated to achieving an optimal clean.

What makes Neo’s robot network tick? The Avidbots Command Center!

Our proprietary web-based software provides you with the data to transform your cleaning operation with measurable KPIs. At a glance, you’ll be able to understand fleet performance through configurable cleaning targets to define success and transform data into meaningful insights for long-term cleaning operation optimization.

Check in anytime, anywhere with Real-Time Monitoring. View the online status and location of your Neo — or an entire fleet of Neos — at a high level or take a deep dive into each cleaning process. Want to keep an eye on Neo? Access real-time video of your Neo robots to keep tabs on your cleaning operation when you’re away.

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Finally, Avidbots’ Remote Assistance supports every Neo 24/7/365 with a dedicated team that is on standby for each cleaning operation around the world in real-time. Together, these important connected features keep Neo performing at its best when cleaning your facility.

And in the long run, Neo will only get smarter! Avidbots Autonomy seamlessly updates via the Cloud with manual updates being a thing of the past. Throughout the year, Avidbots Autonomy will get even more “intelligent”, recognizing more objects in different environments and floors.

Neo’s robot network not only makes it a fully autonomous floor scrubber but also situates it perfectly for the future of connected buildings. Here are a number of drivers to automation at the forefront of smart building development that Neo is able to leverage:

The decision to deploy automated floor cleaning robots is a decision to embrace innovation at your facility. Productivity gains, operating efficiencies and the consistent delivery of higher cleaning standards are all attractive benefits. The move to automation may seem daunting, but Neo is the right kind of technology you can bring into your facility to make the transition smoother.

If you are interested in learning more about the future of the smart building, download our complimentary eBook.

To learn more about Neo or to see it in action please contact us.

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