October 15, 2020

Neo 2: The Autonomous Commercial Floor Scrubber Delivers a Better, More Consistent Cleaning and Sanitization

In the “new normal”, regular, consistent and measurable floor cleaning and sanitization are crucial to the health and safety of customers, employees, visitors and partners for businesses across the globe.

With janitorial teams stretched thin having to clean more frequently than ever before, often with the same resources as pre-pandemic, they are in need of support systems that can help offset this increased cleaning requirement.

An autonomous commercial floor scrubber Neo 2 is the latest generation multi-application floor scrubber robot perfect for large hard floor surfaces. Adding Neo to your custodial team means a superior, more consistent and measurable floor clean and disinfection.

Powered by the Avidbots Autonomy, Neo is the most advanced autonomous commercial floor scrubber robot available in the marketplace equipped with Active Cleaning. Active Cleaning dynamically optimizes the cleaning system to consistently sanitize when floor types change (e.g. tile to concrete) or as the floor pads or brushes wear down. It cleans and sanitizes more effectively and efficiently than humans, with speeds up to 1.35 m / 4.43 ft per second. This works out to autonomously cleaning up to 3,900 m² / 42,000 ft² per hour*.

Neo is ruggedly built with separate clean and waste high-capacity water tanks, swappable long-life batteries, and adjustable speed and water flow for heavy-duty cleaning. Available with either disc or cylindrical cleaning systems, Neo 2 can be customized to meet the floor cleaning requirements of any facility setting.

Most in-market self-driving floor scrubbers rely on a bolt-on solution where a manual machine is retrofitted to self-drive. As a result of this approach, hardware components normally monitored by the operator go unchecked after the machine is automated. By employing advanced monitoring and self-diagnostic systems, Neo 2 can…

  • keep tabs on motors and actuators,
  • check for blockages in hoses,
  • and ensure user-serviceable parts are properly installed.

This means Neo spends more time cleaning, avoiding less downtime for repairs.

The proprietary Avidbots Command Center lets you manage, monitor and measure your Neo—or an entire fleet of Neos—remotely and in real-time. You’ll be able to access highly detailed reports of every cleaning operation, including precision productivity metrics and sector-level coverage maps. With the Neo floor scrubbing robot and supporting Avidbots Command Center, you will always be in the know.

It’s through a combination of hardware and cutting-edge software, that Neo delivers a better, more consistent clean when compared to any other commercial floor scrubber in the marketplace.

Check it out for yourself… 

Meet Neo 2! Advanced robotics. Advanced cleaning.

To learn more about how Neo 2 can help your custodial team and the measurable results that it will deliver at your facility, please contact us.

*Calculated maximum theoretical value.

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