May 27, 2019

How important is floor cleaning data and how are businesses using it?

If you can’t measure something, how are you going to manage it?

In an era where technology has changed how businesses use floor cleaning data to inform their strategy, it comes as no surprise that facilities managers are adopting new and innovative ways to gain access to cleaning metrics. Detailed information on the cost efficiency and effectiveness of their cleaning operation is key to making wise business decisions regarding the management of resources. 

Neo, the autonomous commercial floor cleaning robot from Avidbots, provides facility managers with key metrics on their cleaning operation, including accurate productivity metrics, sector-level coverage maps and other floor cleaning data. This information has opened the door for Avidbots customers to dynamically staff the various aspects of their cleaning operation. 

“The data reaffirms where the cleaners have been, and when they’ve been there,” says Kimberly Train, Avidbots customer and Director of National Programs at Oxford Properties Group. “We’re actually trying to follow where the cleaners go and have them align in a proactive way to where they need to be, and not just in a scheduled way.”

Train and other Avidbots customers in the industries of education, retail, food service and commercial real estate, shared their perspectives on how they use the data enabled by Neo in the latest eBook from Avidbots. For these facility managers, the metrics Neo provides allow them to be fluid in scheduling their human staff — assigning them to more important, cognitive tasks — while Neo takes on the repetitive task of floor scrubbing. 

Floor cleaning data from Neo also provides greater oversight into the cleaning operation, allowing facility managers to see exactly where the robot cleaned and when, and react appropriately if an area needs more attention.  

“The biggest thing with technology is the fact that we truly know what was done last night,” says Paul Rocha, VP Operations for Eurest Services, a division of the Compass Group.

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