July 15, 2020

Floor scrubbing robots: The metrics that matter

The proprietary Avidbots Command Center lets you monitor, manage and track your Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot — or an entire fleet of Neos — remotely and in real-time. It provides you with a level of oversight and performance measurement that you will only find in the Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot.

With many metrics to consider, we’ve identified the three most critical metrics that you should be tracking and evaluating to optimize your floor care operation.

avidbots command center

The three most critical metrics for floor scrubbers


Definition: the total area of the facility (including non-cleanable space), divided by the total time it took Neo to clean that area (e.g. X,XXX ft² / X hours).

The Productivity metric gives you a sense of how time-efficient Neo’s cleaning operation is. Before deploying Neo, we’ll work with you to set your target Productivity in Avidbots Command Center, which you can track against actual productivity to ensure your goal is being met (and potentially exceeded).

If Neo is performing below the target, we’ll evaluate what’s causing it to operate slower than anticipated and recommend appropriate action.

By keeping a watchful eye on the Productivity metric, you can meet your intended targets.

1. True Covered Area

Definition: the area Neo physically covered while executing the cleaning plan, as represented by the blue shading on the cleaning report map.

true covered area metric for floor scrubbers

With Avidbots Command Center, you can see the exact area cleaned (in m² or ft²), as well as a visual representation by the blue shading on the cleaning report map.

Similar to the Productivity metric, we’ll work together to determine the baseline True Covered Area value for your facility. Once established, you’ll then want to regularly compare the actual True Covered Area value against your baseline. If there are reports that indicate a value not meeting your baseline, you’ll want to investigate why Neo didn't clean an area (e.g. there may have been something blocking one of the aisles).

2. True Performance

Definition: the total area actually cleaned, divided by the total time it took Neo to clean that space (e.g. X,XXX actually cleaned ft² / X hours).

The True Performance metric is key because it provides the measurement of efficiency by calculating the actual cleaned area per hour, not including areas that were inaccessible due to obstacles, etc. (vs. the Productivity metric, which does not account for this).

Although the Productivity metric is important as an industry floor scrubbing standard, True Performance provides a level of insight not found in other manual floor scrubbers. It’s only with the proprietary Avidbots Command Center that Neo is able to provide this value.

When looking at optimizing your cleaning operation, similar to the Productivity metric, we’ll work together to determine your facility’s True Performance baseline and then monitor against this to ensure that you’re meeting this baseline (and potentially surpassing).

In addition to the key metrics outlined above, Avidbots Command Center provides additional metrics, including:

3. Total Area

Definition: the standard term for describing the area to be cleaned. This typically represents the wall-to-wall space of a facility, which includes obstacles and non-cleanable areas.

total area

Total Time

Definition: the total time between when Neo started cleaning the area and when it finished.

Cleaning Plan Area

Definition: the total area of the cleaning plan. This includes areas covered by obstacles.

Total Cleanable Area

Definition: the sum of the cleanable areas of each sector in a cleaning plan that Neo touched while cleaning. This excludes areas covered by obstacles, and areas that are too close to a wall. This is represented by the green shading on the cleaning report map.

Total Cleanable Area

With a better understanding of the key metrics provided via Avidbots Command Center, you can begin to monitor and adjust Neo to deliver the best cleaning performance possible in your facility. With many different settings including Water Flow, Brush Pressure, and Vacuum Setting, you have the tools available to deliver the type of clean you’re looking for. By closely monitoring these key metrics, you can optimize your cleaning plan.

To further discuss Avidbots Command Center or the metrics that matter, get in touch today!

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