June 14, 2021

Facilities management: 3 reasons to automate floor care

Leading facilities management companies around the world continue to evaluate and implement innovative solutions to improve their business and drive a better customer experience.

Companies such as Assetlink, Millennium, Sodexo and Ultra Shine have deployed fleets of Neos as key members of their cleaning team in retail environments, airports, schools and even hospitals.

Through May 2020, Assetlink’s fleet of Neos cleaned over 2 million square meters (21 million square feet) of flooring in Australia and New Zealand. To date, Neos successfully deployed down under have cleaned more floors autonomously than any other autonomous floor scrubbing fleet in Australia and New Zealand.


Assetlink Neo deployed in a shopping center.

Assetlink Neo deployed in a shopping center.

Here are three reasons why you should consider deploying Neo at your facilities management company. 

Reallocation of labor

With a manual floor scrubber, an employee is spending hours each shift driving the machine around to clean the floors. By deploying Neo as part of your cleaning program, the floors are cleaned autonomously and the hours saved can be reallocated to higher-value activities such as cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, offices, meeting rooms and break rooms.

As an added bonus, the batteries on Neo are interchangeable. Neo can clean for up to 6 hours on a single charge. After the first set of batteries is drained, they can be exchanged for a new set of batteries in less than one minute! In theory, Neo can clean 24/7/365. A manual solution requiring a human driver isn't capable of producing this level of clean.

Consistent and efficient clean

With Neo fully autonomously cleaning the floors, each time you press “go”, Neo “goes” and delivers the same consistent and efficient clean. Neo will not decide which areas it thinks needs to be cleaned or which areas it can skip because they “look” clean. When you tell Neo to clean an area, it’ll clean that entire area.

Neo is powered by Avidbots Autonomy, and it has one goal: to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention. What that means for you is Neo will deliver the best quality clean every single time, never missing a day or calling in sick.

A measurable clean

In the wake of COVID-19, the need to quantify and qualify what was cleaned, when and how well is more important than ever. As a facilities management company, this is crucial information that can be shared with your customers, cleaning auditors or regulatory agencies.

A manual floor-cleaning solution and many self-driving manual machines don't offer this capability. Neo, on the other hand, with its proprietary web-based software, Avidbots Command Center, delivers reporting, analytics and more!

You’ll be able to monitor, measure and track your Neo — or an entire fleet of Neos — remotely and in real-time from anywhere in the world 24/7/365. With highly detailed reports of every cleaning operation, you have the data available to create insights that will lead to cleaning optimization over a period of time.

As a facilities management company, having this information at your fingertips in real-time is crucial.

As you evaluate and improve your facilities management services to remain competitive in the market, it's important to include autonomous floor care in your thinking.

Automating the cleaning process is something customers and the marketplace are now demanding.

To learn more or to discuss how Neo can become part of your cleaning team, please contact us.

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