May 26, 2021

Can Neo work alongside other autonomous mobile robots?

As leading 3PL and warehouse providers around the world pursue enhanced operating efficiencies while reducing costs, many are deploying fleets of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to meet these needs. From case-picking to pallet moving, there are a wide range of AMRs deployed in leading facilities.

When considering floor care automation, our customers pose a common and frequent question:

Can Neo safely work alongside the fleet of AMRs we have on our site?

The short answer is yes!

Neo, powered by Avidbots Autonomy, understands its operating environment, including the location of other AMRs, and takes action to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention.

Leveraging data from a variety of onboard sensors, Neo has situational awareness and advanced decision-making capabilities. This allows Neo to reliably determine its position within the space and find the best path for the task at hand: floor cleaning. Neo rarely gets lost, stuck or needs to be rescued by a local operator, reducing reliance on local operators when compared with other methods of operation, such as teach-and-repeat.

Additionally, Avidbots Autonomy means Neo is unmatched in real-time obstacle avoidance. Using a variety of sensors, the AI Platform consistently evaluates the collected data to ensure Neo avoids anyone or anything, including other AMRs, and stops when unexpected obstacles appear. Unlike other semi-autonomous machines that get confused and typically stop when multiple obstacles or AMRs get in their way, Avidbots Autonomy enables Neo to handle navigating dynamic environments with ease.

Neo the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot among other AMRs.

Neo the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot among other AMRs.

Improved AMR performance

Not only will Neo create a safer and healthier environment for your employees, partners and visitors, Neo will also create a better environment for the other AMRs. By reducing the amount of dust, dirt and debris within your facility, all AMRs will function better. You won’t have to worry about a lidar or 3D camera being covered in dust.

In other instances where fleets of AMRs operate using QR codes placed on the floor as their guide, contaminants such as dust and dirt will negatively impact their performance. There are many instances where AMR providers have seen performance improvements when the floors are regularly and consistently cleaned — performance is measured by a reduction of QR code overshoots.

Neo helps increase the productivity in your warehouse while minimizing costly downtime across your fleet of AMRs.

You shouldn’t be left choosing which parts of your facility operation can be automated and which cannot based on AMRs working alongside each other. You can rest assured that Neo will not have a problem.

Neo is the only solution

When considering floor care automation, ask yourself this key question: Can this work alongside my other AMRs? You’ll find Neo is the only solution that can handle this task. Other semi-autonomous solutions in the market don't have dynamic planning and real-time obstacle avoidance.

To explore how floor care automation can benefit your organization, please contact us to learn more. 

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