March 27, 2021

Avidbots Secret Sauce: Remote Assistance

Imagine this: Neo is delivering a fully autonomous clean in your facility when it enters an aisle that’s completely blocked by pallets. The majority of semi-autonomous robots would jitter to a stop before sending out SMS alert-after-alert to your team who then needs to rescue the self-driving scrubber. This isn’t the case with Neo.

The Avidbots difference is Remote Assistance.

Here’s why it’s the killer feature you need.

Even with Neo’s AI navigation, called Avidbots Autonomy, leading the industry in adapting to highly dynamic environments, all robots will eventually get stuck when significant enough environmental changes or blockages occur. So you might be wondering, what happens then?

We know it’s imperative that Neo delivers a truly autonomous clean—no babysitting required on-site. And that’s where the Avidbots Remote Assistance can step in for you.

To ensure your Neo—or fleet of Neos—delivers a truly autonomous clean, our team of Avidbots experts are available 24/7/365, ready to assist if Neo stops during the cleaning process. You could be travelling, in a meeting, sleeping or otherwise occupied, and Neo will continue to deliver an optimal floor clean.

Similar to Real-Time Video Monitoring available through the Avidbots Command Center, our dedicated Avidbots experts are on stand-by for each cleaning operation around the world in real-time. Should an issue occur, our team of experts can remotely access the robot and set it back on track—no site intervention required!

If you’d prefer to be regularly notified of Neo’s cleaning progress, you can curate a customized list of notifications through the Avidbots Command Center. Additionally, you can check in on Neo, seeing where it is in the cleaning plan, what it has cleaned and where it plans to move next. With the insights provided by the Avidbots Command Center you will be able to optimize your cleaning process.

Neo is equipped with advanced diagnostics to detect when an issue occurs and troubleshoot accordingly. In coordination with Neo’s onboard diagnostics, our remote assistance team is also ready to step in to further streamline troubleshooting and most importantly, minimize downtime. We want to ensure that you are meeting your cleaning goals and get your Neo back on task.

Ultimately, with the Avidbots Command Center delivering Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Assistance, Neo is the optimal fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot for your facility, providing you with a consistent, efficient and measurable clean.

Remote Assistance—you could say that it’s our secret sauce.

To learn more about Neo or to see it in action please contact us.

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