August 6, 2021

Autonomous cleaning without the teaching!

At Avidbots, we often hear the same two questions from prospects as they evaluate adding Neo to their facility operations team:

  1. What separates Neo from other robot cleaners?
  2. What does it mean that Neo is a "fully autonomous robot"?

Simply put, the power of Avidbots Autonomy is what makes Neo the smartest autonomous floor scrubber on the market! Let us explain why.

Neo’s advanced autonomy, dynamic planning, best-in-class localization and real-time obstacle avoidance means that Neo delivers a fully autonomous clean in your facility!

Through our proprietary artificial intelligence software, Neo understands its operating environment and takes action to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention.

Someone or something steps in front of Neo while cleaning? Not a problem. Neo seamlessly navigates around and continues on its way. Learning on the fly, Neo outshines the rest in fully autonomous cleaning and sanitization.

What does this all mean for you and your organization?

Well, there are three main benefits:

  1. A simplified deployment
  2. Autonomous cleaning, no teaching required
  3. Layout changes are handled with ease

A simplified deployment

Autonomous floor scrubbing robots, including Neo, use a map of your facility (often referred to as a cleaning plan), to know where to clean the space. With Neo, facility mapping only happens once — during deployment. After that, Neo determines the best route to clean each time. No need to remap every time the environment changes.

To get Neo operational as quickly as possible, cleaning plans are often generated before we arrive on-site using CAD or floor plans of your facility. Once at your facility, final adjustments are made using mapped data gathered during the deployment.

We want to save your facility staff valuable time, which is why we create your cleaning plans!

Modifications to cleaning plans are easily implemented, leaving your facility staff to focus on business-critical or value-add tasks.

Autonomous cleaning, no teaching required

When comparing semi-autonomous or self-driving floor scrubbers vs. Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubber, you might be wondering what’s the difference?

Semi-autonomous floor scrubbers

Semi-autonomous floor scrubbers typically operate using the teach-and-repeat principle, only knowing the routes an operator has taught them. This means they're prone to stoppages when environments change (ex. holiday display set up or seating area moved). Once stuck, the operator has to rescue the floor scrubber and re-teach it to the new environment/layout. This is a time-consuming task that results in non-productive downtime. Imagine how much time you'll lose each time the environment changes!

Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubber

Neo is a fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot powered by the Avidbots AI Platform. Our proprietary AI software enables Neo to understand its operating environment and take action to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention.

The platform — leveraging data from a variety of robot sensors — provides situational awareness and enables advanced decision-making capabilities. This allows Neo to reliably determine its position within a space and find the best path for the task at hand. Neo rarely gets lost, stuck or needs to be rescued by a local operator, reducing reliance on local operators when compared with other methods of operation such as teach-and-repeat.

The Avidbots AI Platform means that Neo is unmatched in obstacle avoidance. Using a variety of sensors, the AI Platform consistently evaluates the data being collected to ensure Neo avoids anyone or anything and stops when unexpected obstacles appear. Unlike other self-driving machines that get confused and typically stop when multiple obstacles get in the way, the Avidbots AI Platform enables Neo to handle navigating dynamic environments with ease.

Neo is the best in keeping the operational environment safe.

Layout changes are handled with ease

Because Neo is a fully autonomous robot, there is no need to remap due to layout changes. Each time Neo runs a cleaning plan, it's actively mapping and learning the environment around it, autonomously and safely reacting to any changes while still achieving an optimal clean.

To ensure your Neo — or your fleet of Neos — delivers a fully autonomous clean, our team of Avidbots experts are available 24/7/365, ready to assist if Neo stops during the cleaning process. Our secret sauce? Remote Assistance.

Avidbots’ Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Assistance support every Neo robot 24/7/365 with a dedicated Avidbots team, who are on standby for each cleaning operation around the world! Should an issue occur, Neo alerts our experts who can remotely intervene, investigate and assist Neo in getting back on track using the onboard cameras.

Do other semi-autonomous solutions offer Remote Assistance? No.

Without a Remote Assistance service to intervene and help, the machine has no choice but to send emergency messages to your staff. Before it will start cleaning again, your staff must locate the machine and drive it manually around the object. Your staff has now been reduced to babysitting the machine as it semi-autonomously cleans your facility.

Did you know that 82%¹ of facilities experience changes in layout significant enough to affect a robot’s performance during a one-week period!

¹The percentage of sites that experience change are based on data from five different industries over a span of a month – 7 out of 9 industries looked significantly different than their original floor plan. Based on research by Avidbots.

A straight-forward user experience

You need a robot that will go and clean autonomously when you press “go”.

With Neo, autonomous cleaning is as simple as pressing "go"! Your team can start autonomously cleaning in four quick steps:

1. Place Neo at the start position

autonomous cleaning neo bot

2. Select autonomous mode


3. Select the cleaning plan


4. Neo begins cleaning


What’s the difference between Neo and other semi-autonomous floor scrubbing robots? Your team doesn't need to find a barcode on the wall for the semi-autonomous machine to recognize and determine its location before you can begin cleaning.

Neo’s start position is highlighted on the cleaning plan!

Neo makes autonomous cleaning simple!

Change the way you think about floor care

The Avidbots Cleaning Solution — including Neo, the Avidbots Command Center and the Avidbots Customer Success program — will help your organization take on the increased demand for consistent, frequent, and high-quality cleaning and sanitization. Neo will leave your customers, your employees and your business with something to confidently smile about.

It’s time to change the way you think about your floor care operation!

To learn more about Neo or to see it in action, please contact us.

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