March 12, 2021

A world-class Customer Success program for a world-class robot!

At Avidbots, we know that there are significant demands on facility management and sanitization. Cleaning, maintenance, managing budgets, staff schedules, keeping customers happy and more — your plates were full before COVID-19. Now, your team is stretched thin and your plates are overflowing, having to clean more frequently than ever before and often with fewer resources.

Neo is the world’s fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot for large commercial spaces, including airportscommercial and retail facilitieseducational institutionswarehouses and healthcare facilities. A proven floor care solution, Neo automates the process and lets your employees focus on business-critical and value-add tasks.

Powered by Avidbots Autonomy, Neo is the most sophisticated autonomous floor scrubbing robot on the market. Just as revolutionary is the support provided by Avidbots behind each Neo.

Because Neo is a connected robot, Avidbots Customer Success fundamentally changes the game and provides a level of support yet to be seen in the industry. Whether you're purchasing one Neo — or an entire fleet of Neos — our world-class Customer Success program is here to help you.

But how does our Customer Success team do it?

Your team will benefit from a multi-step process that includes:

  • Pre-deployment: Our Customer Success team reviews your site to learn about your current cleaning methods, gathers additional site details, and schedules your deployment for mutually convenient days/times.
  • White glove treatment: From the moment you receive your Neo, our factory-trained robot experts assist with your Neo deployment. This includes creating cleaning plans unique to your facility, training your staff on operating and maintaining your Neo, and learning about Avidbots Command Center. Our proprietary web-based platform provides you with a level of oversight and performance measurement that you won’t find in other commercial floor scrubbers
  • World-class training: Getting your team quickly trained and Neo operational is one of our primary goals during your deployment. We employ multiple tools to support your setup: training, educational videos, written documentation, a quarterly newsletter to update you on new or enhanced features, and multi-language intuitive user interfaces. It's a comprehensive package that gives your staff everything they need to succeed with Neo.
  • Ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement: Avidbots’ customer-facing services do not end after your initial deployment. In fact, it transforms into a new and advanced relationship. Because Neo is connected through the Avidbots Command Center, our Customer Success Team monitors your Neo, working with you to continuously improve based on changing environments, construction, temporary obstructions, weather and traffic patterns.
  • Multi-channel communication: At Avidbots, we strive to make our Customer Success Program as easy to use as our robots. You can reach us by phone or quick response email assistance, so we can always keep your Neo up and running, operating at peak performance. You can even shop for replacement consumables on our online store anytime, day or night! 

The Avidbots Gold Service Plan maximizes productivity, limits downtime and protects your investment. The Gold Service Plan covers the inspection, adjustment and replacement of all components needed to keep your Neo operating at peak performance, including features unique to your state-of-the-art Neo. Regularly scheduled maintenance and comprehensive inspections extend Neo’s lifespan, ensuring reliable cleaning and safe operation for years to come. 

Key features of the Avidbots Gold Service Plan:

  • Specialized service: The Gold Service Plan includes proactive inspection, adjustment and maintenance of features exclusive to your Neo.
  • Increased efficiency: When Neo is operating with all parts and systems in top condition, you’ll ensure fast, uninterrupted and problem-free performance.
  • Additional cost savings: Preventive maintenance reduces breakdowns which equals less downtime, maximizing Neos uptime.
  • Peace of mind: Catch any potential problems before they become an emergency, so you can rest assured that your staff won’t get distracted and jobs will get done!

When you purchase Neo, the Avidbots Customer Success Program engages, overseeing all aspects of deployment in your facility. This program ensures Neo becomes a key member of your custodial team as quickly as possible. During the on-site deployment process, we’ll set up the robot, perform mapping, train your staff, and perform testing to ensure that Neo can clean efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, safely in your facility.

Our Customer Success team ensures you will love Neo as much as we do!

To learn more about the Avidbots Customer Success Program, check out our website.

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