November 11, 2021

A robot floor scrubber in your facility? Here’s why you need the smartest!

Your executive team has decided they want to accelerate automation at your company, identifying cleaning as the low-hanging fruit. You’re excited about the productivity gains a cleaning robot will provide your company, letting your colleagues focus on their core tasks.

At this stage, you’re in the process of researching a couple of vendors — including Avidbots — that can deliver an autonomous floor care solution for your company’s warehouse facilities around the world.

Let's explain why Neo 2 is the smartest robot floor scrubber in the marketplace today.

At the end of the day, an autonomous floor scrubbing robot should be just that — autonomous.

Avidbots Autonomy is the smartest in the business

In short, Avidbots Autonomy — leveraging data from a variety of robot sensors — provides situational awareness, enables advanced decision-making capabilities and reliably completes its two key objectives: determining the robot’s position within space and finding the best path for the task at hand.

Avidbots Autonomy delivers true autonomy, rarely getting lost, stuck or needing to be rescued by your team. As a result, it reduces reliance on your local team when compared with antiquated methods of operation such as teach-and-repeat.

What about environmental changes in your facility?

At Avidbots, we understand that your facility is forever changing; it’s a dynamic space and you need an autonomous floor scrubber that can handle these changes with ease. Avidbots Autonomy empowers Neo to handle this challenge. The same cannot be said about other self-driving floor scrubbers.

How is Neo different? Why can it handle these changes and others can’t?

The difference is that when Neo is deployed in a facility, the entire space is mapped and a fully-customizable cleaning plan is generated. From that point forward, using the onboard sensors, Avidbots Autonomy determines the best path to maximize cleaning productivity.

Other self-driving floor scrubbers operate using teach-and-repeat principles. They only know the route your team has taught them. This means they are prone to stoppages when the environment in your facility changes.

You don’t want to babysit your floor scrubber. You don’t want countless alerts when it gets stuck.

You need a floor scrubber that can think for itself — one that is fully autonomous.

But won’t it be confused because my aisles all look the same?

The simple answer is no. In the world of robotics, this is called localization. Neo knows where it’s located with respect to its environment, even if all the aisles are identical.

Avidbots’ advanced localization algorithms, engineered on the experience of hundreds of thousands of operating hours, allow for continuous operation in even the most dynamic and challenging environments.

By interpreting long-range lidar sensor data and utilizing the detailed cleaning plan maps, Avidbots Autonomy provides localization level awareness to Neo.

Imagine Neo is cleaning and comes to an aisle that is blocked by a pallet — not a problem. Neo will continue to the next aisle, remember that it previously skipped the blocked aisle, and then will come back later to see if that aisle is now free. That’s the type of autonomous floor scrubbing robot you need!

How’s it going to avoid the many forklifts and employees I have in my facility?

Easily. That’s how. That’s the power of our AI software.

Neo is unmatched in obstacle avoidance, able to avoid anyone or anything. Using a variety of sensors, Avidbots Autonomy consistently evaluates the collected data to ensure Neo avoids any object.

What if an unexpected obstacle appears? Not a problem, Neo will stop and determine the safest path forward.

What about multiple objects, such as a forklift approaching as two employees also walk by? Other self-driving floor scrubbers would grind to a halt and send out an alert to be rescued. This is not a problem for Neo, who masterfully continues cleaning.

Long term, will Neo get smarter?

Yes, Avidbots Autonomy seamlessly updates via the Cloud with manual updates being a thing of the past. 

As we said at the beginning, an autonomous floor scrubbing robot should be just that — autonomous. Neo powered by Avidbots Autonomy is just that!

If you’re interested in learning more about Avidbots Autonomy, click here. Wanting to discuss this further with an Avidbotter? Please contact us.

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