April 11, 2022

3 benefits of Neo’s Disinfection Add-On

Organizations around the globe continue to choose Neo to automate their cleaning practices, including floor care and 3-D surface disinfection. The benefits delivered by Neo’s Disinfection Add-On are significant — we’re going to highlight three of the biggest!

Three benefits of the Disinfection Add-On:

Significant cost savings

With Neo’s Disinfection Add-On, you can disinfect surfaces for a few hundred dollars per month — this offers significant savings when compared to having a separate single-use robot or human completing the same task. The Disinfection Add-On truly multiplies the value of Neo, the multi-application cleaning robot.

An efficient, uniform spray

The Disinfection Add-On utilizes the latest electrostatic sprayer technology, ensuring that 3-D surfaces, including ones hidden or indirectly sprayed, are covered in a uniform, thin layer of disinfection chemicals. These chemicals won't dry out in the air before reaching their target either. Automation takes the guesswork out of spraying and ensures the highest levels of accuracy and accountability.

A measurable, consistent disinfection

The days of relying on an employee checking off a piece of paper to track what was disinfected and when are behind us. With the Neo plus the Disinfection Add-On and Avidbots Command Center, you can manage, monitor and measure your disinfection process in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Rochester Institute of Technology recently equipped their Neo with the Disinfection Add-On. Derek Sylvester, Director of Building Environmental Services, explains the impact it’s had to date:

“When people see Neo going around spraying the disinfectant on those surfaces, in their mind, it already presents a safer space,” highlights Derek Sylvester, Director, Building Environmental Services at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Why wait to automate?

If you believe your organization could benefit from Neo, the multi-application cleaning robot, or are interested in learning more about the Disinfection Add-On, please contact us.

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