May 10, 2023

Autonomous cleaning robots for industrial spaces: Why Neo 2W?

Modern warehouses and manufacturing facilities are unlike most other buildings in existence: the size, scope and complexity of their floor space; the speed, timing and efficiency of their operations; the workflows, workloads and demands on staff. 

This all adds up to an environment where any process improvements can provide a major uplift throughout an organization.

Warehouse floor cleaning is the perfect example. In an industry that sinks or swims based on its ability to keep pace and adapt, cleaning automation can unlock new productivity levels, improved cost-savings and smarter ways to work.

One autonomous floor scrubbing robot is purpose-built for the unique demands of industrial facilities such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, improving the quality, consistency and affordability of floor care. And only one helps your organization grow, scale and thrive while doing so.

Say hello to Neo 2W, the world’s first fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot designed to clean industrial spaces more efficiently and effectively.

What floor cleaning problems does Neo 2W solve?

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are dynamic environments. Floor plans change, freight and goods are constantly moving, and staff are always on their feet. Inevitably, this causes dirt and debris to collect quickly on the floors.

As a result, workers routinely sweep, scrub and mop the floors to keep things running smoothly and safely. But considering the average size of a new warehouse is more than 100,000 square feet (9,250 meters), this isn’t easy work. Moreover, floor care weighs down your organization’s most valuable resource in dirty, monotonous and time-consuming chores.

While floor care automation allows you to overcome these challenges, not all cleaning robots are suited to industrial environments. 

In fact, the unique operating conditions within warehouses and manufacturing facilities create situations and use cases that other cleaning robots struggle to cope with, such as navigating and cleaning bulk storage or identifying ground-level objects.

An industry first, Neo 2W is an exclusive artificial intelligence and hardware configuration designed specifically to conquer the challenges of cleaning industrial spaces. Neo 2W excels in these environments, with features that allow Neo to clean more of your facility without constant stoppages and human intervention.

Neo 2W’s ace in the hole: Advanced Obstacle Detection

Avidbots Autonomy already sets the benchmark with its market-leading artificial intelligence capabilities. With Advanced Obstacle Detection, Neo 2W refines its fully autonomous smarts with a solution tailor-made for industrial operations.

Floor-level objects are commonplace within these environments, yet until now most cleaning robots had difficulty recognizing, identifying and maneuvering around these obstacles. But not Neo 2W.

Using its onboard sensors and machine learning algorithms, Neo 2W easily detects obstacles at ground level such as pallet and forklift tines, objects ubiquitous in the warehousing and manufacturing industries.

When your team isn’t constantly rescuing the floor scrubber every time it runs into a floor-level object — or can’t get around one — they can focus exclusively on revenue-generating tasks, increasing overall productivity.

And when you don’t need to babysit your cleaning robot, you can set it and forget it, avoiding the distractions and headaches of micromanaging floor care.

Advanced Obstacle Detection delivers on both fronts, letting you concentrate on your core KPIs instead of the floors.

Off limits? Not with the Bulk Navigator

Structured bulk areas allow warehouses and manufacturing facilities to store and shuffle goods in an orderly and productive manner. However, many cleaning robots have difficulty familiarizing themselves within these spaces because stock and material flows are always moving and changing.

If the robot doesn’t recognize its new surroundings, frequent stoppages are bound to occur. With most robots, you will have to remap for changes. As a result, bulk storage areas are commonly off limits, with staff still needing to clean them manually.

The Bulk Navigator solves this problem in two ways.

First, frequent map updates by Avidbots ensure that Neo keeps up with changes to your facility. This means Neo won’t get lost or stuck when the floor plans change, or when pallets, racks and other common objects move.

And secondly, there’s no need to remap these areas after every update. Neo 2W compares both cleaning plans, recognizes the changes, and gets back to doing what it does best: cleaning your facility.

Home Base: A home run for your operations

How much time do your employees spend every day walking between different areas of your facility? Considering the size of your floor space, this can be a significant productivity drain.

As well as the immediate financial effects on your business, the long-term consequences on your staff from repeatedly walking long distances at work cannot be understated either.

Neo 2W and Avidbots Home Base save you this trouble by removing a time-consuming and tiring chore. At the push of a button, Neo travels to and from the cleaning location without human assistance.

By eliminating one step from your team’s cleaning operations, Home Base benefits your staff and your operations in equal measure.

Don’t let debris slow you down

In most industrial facilities, workers routinely sweep debris out of the way before deploying their floor scrubber. This helps protect their equipment from damage, as well as ensuring the floors are thoroughly cleaned without any obstructions.

Pre-sweeps are a necessity. However, your floor scrubber is bound to encounter debris between pre-sweeps, so what happens then?

The Debris Diverter pushes occasional debris out of Neo 2W’s path between pre-sweeps, protecting your robot from clogs and damage. This allows Neo to continue cleaning without assistance from staff, yet another way Neo 2W improves cleaning efficiency and productivity.

Advanced autonomous warehouse cleaning

Raise and maintain cleanliness standards in less time, at less expense and without hiring more labor.

Discover industrial cleaning without compromise. Increase the quality, efficiency and productivity of your warehousing and manufacturing operations with the industry’s only purpose-built cleaning robot.  

Hire Neo 2W today!


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