January 24, 2023

3 keys when considering a floor scrubber rental

Adding a fully autonomous floor cleaning robot to your facility can seem expensive at first glance.

Do I have the budget to purchase the robot? Can I afford to maintain it? What’s the return on investment? 

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If you’re feeling uneasy about purchasing, renting an autonomous floor scrubber provides the best of both worlds: a cleaner, efficient and more productive facility, but without the upfront costs of a full purchase.

Furthermore, renting a cleaning robot that’s fully autonomous means you don’t need to add and train staff like you would to operate a manual solution.

In fact, floor cleaning machine rentals are a cost-effective and sustainable long-term package that scale alongside your business — if you select the right option.

Here are three things to look out for when renting an autonomous floor scrubbing robot.

1. Does your robot floor cleaner rental include a thorough pre-deployment process?

In busy and ever-changing facilities, timing matters.

You need a cleaning robot that can integrate within your facility without causing disruptions to your business.

More importantly, you want a simple and quick process that delivers a cleaner and safer facility now, not weeks in the future after you’ve figured out how to use your new cleaning tool.

Therefore, a thorough pre-deployment process is a must-have feature when you deploy an autonomous floor scrubbing robot. It familiarizes your team and your facility with your new cleaning equipment. This reduces the learning curve — and costly downtime — associated with introducing modern technology into your team’s cleaning process. 

From generating cleaning plans unique to your facility to providing hands-on training and support, a seamless and comprehensive pre-deployment process is critical. It sets your facility up for repeatable success, allowing you to better deliver the efficiency and productivity gains you crave from day one. Make sure your cleaning robot rental includes this important deployment step.

2. Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Assistance: Boost your rental ROI

Floor cleaning machines for rent require an airtight service level agreement (SLA). An SLA clearly defines the terms and conditions of your cleaning robot rental, with provisions that protect you from unexpected headaches and costs.

As a result, cleaning robots with Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Assistance features enhance your service level agreement, providing you with additional layers of reliability, functionality and support. This offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • A highly trained team on stand-by for remote, real-time troubleshooting and support, lessening downtime if an issue occurs.
  • Software updates that expand the robot’s functionality, improving cleaning performance over time.
  • Cleaning map updates that account for shifting floor plans or seasonal layout changes, ensuring a consistent and intervention-free clean.

If a robot service provider cannot offer these features remotely, the return on investment for your rental machine is severely diminished.

3. Does your rental agreement include on-site support?

Your business has schedules to keep and deadlines to meet. Cleaning downtime can seriously impact your bottom line. Should any issues arise, your robot service provider has an important responsibility: timely and responsive help.

If you have questions, need consumable replacements, require field help and more, you need a partner who understands what you need and can deliver it, keeping your operation running smoothly.

Indeed, responsive support for your cleaning robot is extremely valuable. 

In certain facilities, such as 3PLs, shopping malls and schools, continual dirt buildup could have product, health, and safety consequences. The longer they go unattended, the greater the consequences for your business. 

From health and safety problems to decreased productivity and efficiency, the costs are significant. Prompt assistance isn’t just convenient, it saves you money.

Achieve your floor cleaning needs by renting your Neo

Whether you decide to buy or rent a floor scrubber, Avidbots has your back with Neo, the fully autonomous floor cleaning robot.

You’ll enjoy the same industry-leading, hands-free cleaning performance alongside a world-class customer support program that’s with you every step of the way. In fact, Avidbots Autonomy sets the benchmark for intervention-free cleaning.

You press ‘Go’ and that’s it, with Neo learning and adapting to your environment like nothing else on the market. The result? Enhanced cleanliness levels without the constant hand-holding required on other cleaning robots.

When you rent a Neo, you’re not just receiving the robot. 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Assistance, friendly and helpful customer support, Avidbots Customer Success Program — all the ingredients are there to ensure your cleaning needs are met, and surpassed.

And as your business grows and your needs evolve, your rental agreement can scale alongside your facility.

With a return on investment that grows over time, renting a Neo is a cost-effective option to help you boost cleanliness levels while streamlining your expenses.

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If you want to experience the benefits of autonomous cleaning but aren’t ready to commit to a full purchase, we have a budget-friendly solution. Get started today with an affordable rental plan!

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