September 21, 2020

Preparing your autonomous floor cleaning robot for seasonal changes

One of the great features of Neo the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot is the ability to adjust cleaning settings to match your facility’s layout for different seasons.

Just as you cope with seasonal changes by raking fallen leaves or putting snow tires on your car, you can implement seasonal changes on your Neo autonomous floor scrubber as well. 

When it comes to Neo’s settings, there are core features that help prepare you, your team and your robot.

Preparing your Neo for fall/winter

Replace squeegees

Over time, squeegees will wear. This wear depends on the floor surface, hours run and substances being picked up. Even chemicals used in the facility or in the cleaning process can affect your squeegee’s lifetime.

To best prepare for winter, ensure you have an adequate number of squeegees. If you need new squeegees, they're available through the Avidbots store.

Adjust squeegees

As rear squeegees wear over time or when rear squeegees are replaced with new ones, the drag of the blade can be affected. You can increase or decrease this drag using a 13-millilitre wrench. Note: decreasing the rear squeegee drag may result in residual water spillage.

Increase water and brush pressure, and repeat

Adjust your cleaning settings for the season. You may not require maximum water and brush pressure all the time, but you can manually change this per clean. If it becomes needed every day, just let the Avidbots Cleaning Plan Generation (CPG) Team know via email and they’ll change those to default settings.

In addition to the CPG Team adjusting cleaning plans to increase water and brush pressure, they can even repeat sectors of your floor plan. These cleaning plan changes are great for when the snow falls and entrances might be covered in salt residue.

If you do need to manually change the water or brush pressure, please follow these steps:

Step 1

step 1 auto avidbots setting

Step 2

step 2 auto avidbots setting

Step 3

step 4 auto avidbots setting


Step 4

step 4 auto avidbots setting


Advise the Avidbots CPG team of layout changes

Often, as fall moves into winter, smaller entrance rugs are replaced with larger ones. Just like you, we want Neo to stay off those rugs, but our CPG team needs to program those into your cleaning plans.

Additionally, when the holiday season starts, so do holiday and pop-up stores and displays. By advising our CPG team of these changes, they can efficiently gather laser data to update your cleaning plans accordingly.

For reference, we’ve included the cleaning plan for an office tower in Toronto, Canada. You can quickly see the changes that were made between the summer and winter months with the addition of larger rugs near the main entrance as well as carpet runners added in the elevator banks.

summer auto avidbots setting
winter auto avidbots setting

The seasonal changes in the cleaning plan have been highlighted in the orange boxes.

Despite our efforts, we can’t escape the changing seasons. But we can prepare for them — and so can your Neo!

Please contact us to learn more, including having changes made to your cleaning plans in preparation for the winter months here in North America.

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