December 15, 2020

Avidbots Partners with SUNGJU ComTech as a distributor of its floor scrubbing robot Neo in South Korea

Today, Avidbots is excited to announce its partnership with SUNGJU ComTech as a distributor of Neo 2 in the South Korean market.

Avidbots, a robotics company from Kitchener, Ontario, has been revolutionizing the robotic cleaning market since its founding in 2014. Neo 2, the newest generation of Avidbots’ autonomous floor scrubbing robot, is designed to clean and sanitize vast commercial spaces. Neo 2 is powered by the proprietary Avidbots AI Platform with hardware designed for ease of use, longevity, serviceability, safety and high productivity.

SUNGJU ComTech is a specialized IT manufacturing and distribution company supplying products such as computers, monitors, GPU Server and Beam Project to over 150 diverse distribution networks and 235 service centers nationwide, including government institutions, educational institutions, financial institutions, enterprises and agencies.

“At SUNGJU ComTech we have been looking for an opportunity to build the autonomous robotics business. After discovering Avidbots and learning about Neo, we were excited to partner,” said Yeon-Sik Jung, SUNGJU ComTech CEO. “Avidbots’s Neo is the most advanced autonomous floor cleaning robot in the marketplace with deployments around the globe. With cleaning being of the most importance, we look forward to bringing Neo to South Korea.”

Avidbots has Neos deployed across Asia, including in Singapore at Changi Airport and in Japan at Kansai Airport. In 2018, Avidbots opened a regional office in Hong Kong with a focus on direct sales and support entry into mainland China.

“In a time when cleaning is of the utmost importance, we are delighted to partner with SUNGJU ComTech to expand Neo’s reach across South Korea,” said Faizan Sheikh, Avidbots CEO and Co-founder. “We are looking forward to working with SUNGJU ComTech to further our commitment to maximizing human potential through world-class robotics and to seeing Neo expand further across South Korea.”

To learn more about SUNGJU ComTech and access to Neo in South Korea, you can visit our Worldwide page.