September 15, 2020

Southern regional school district in New Jersey to deploy Neo

Southern Regional School District in New Jersey latest to employ robotics amid a pandemic

School board deploys Neo autonomous floor cleaning robots as schools reopen

Kitchener, ON – September 9, 2020 – The Southern Regional School District in New Jersey deployed three autonomous floor cleaning robots called Neo to support cleaning and sanitation as students return to schools this September.

The Neo robots will be used in two high schools and one middle school in the region. Importantly, with Neo tackling floor cleaning it will free up essential time for the schools’ custodial teams to focus on priority high touch areas like classrooms, commons areas and bathrooms.

The Southern Region School District is the latest school system to trust automation in an effort to support consistent sanitation amid the pandemic. Avidbots has seen a 100 percent increase in demand since the COVID-19 pandemic reached North America.


“The most important thing for us to think about is the health, safety, and well-being of our students, teachers, and staff as they return to schools this fall,” said Southern Region School District Superintendent Craig Henry. “A solution like Neo that cleans more effectively, efficiently and gives my custodial team more time to focus on areas that students are touching frequently, is going to make a world of difference as we enter this new world of education.”

“This pandemic has shown us more than ever that automation and robots like Neo are essential to keep things moving,” said Faizan Sheikh, CEO, and Co-founder of Avidbots. “The Southern Region School District Board has really set themselves apart by recognizing that to maintain the level of cleanliness and sanitation needed to bring students back into schools, solutions like Neo need to be utilized. We’re looking forward to taking care of the Southern Region School District’s floors so they can focus on keeping their students safe.”

An innovator in autonomous floor scrubbers, Avidbots provides robotics solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies across manufacturing, warehousing, education, healthcare, airports, retail and beyond, such as DHL, Singapore Changi Airport and 3M.