July 3, 2019

Innovation in manufacturing: Neo at MxD

Avidbots’ autonomous robot, Neo, can now be seen cruising the floors of the MxD Innovation Center in Chicago, joining other advanced technology solutions that promise to transform the manufacturing industry. US manufacturers are looking to implement the latest autonomous robot technology to compete in the global economy, and Neo could soon be part of the innovation equation at large manufacturing facilities across the country.

The MxD Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art technology demonstration and collaboration space in Chicago where manufacturers and technology executives gather to learn about the latest advances in digital technologies, from augmented and virtual reality to autonomous robots. Over 1,000 people from over 150 companies and government agencies visit the 100,000 square-foot space each month to interact with the latest technology and attend workshops and events.

MxD, which stands for “manufacturing times digital”, is a public-private partnership backed by companies such as Dow, Lockheed Martin, McKinsey and Siemens that’s aimed at driving innovation in the US manufacturing industry. MxD facilitates connections among 300 partners from industry, academia and government, providing them with information on the latest technology and business tools to boost efficiency and competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

Neo will be available for demonstration at the MxD Innovation Center alongside technologies from Autodesk, Siemens, Tulip, Light Guide Systems and many others starting this summer. Neo is one of the only autonomous robots roaming around the center. 

neo floor cleaning robot at mxd

Already, Neo is hard at work cleaning floors in manufacturing facilities around the world. For many manufacturers, the production process is largely automated, yet floor cleaning has remained a human-powered task; janitors must push floor-scrubbing machines at night. And in some manufacturing plants, there are secure areas where humans cannot enter due to safety concerns, making it difficult to clean floors in those areas.

Autonomous robots like Neo can clean floors safely, effectively and quickly — freeing up human cleaning teams to do more fulfilling work.

At MxD, manufacturing companies can see Neo in action, learning how autonomous floor-cleaning robots can help them achieve cleaner facilities, higher ROI on their maintenance programs, and better safety conditions for their employees.

Avidbot Neo working at MXD