October 22, 2019

DHL Innovation Center in Germany to host Avidbots Neo the floor scrubbing robot

DHL Supply Chain is one of Avidbots’ key customers, currently installing our Neo floor-scrubbing robot in multiple warehouses it manages across North America. To showcase our innovative partnership, DHL will host Neo robots at its three Innovation Centers in Bonn, Germany, Singapore and Chicago — DHL’s latest state-of-the-art facility that just opened last month. Neo is already installed at the Bonn Innovation Center, and two more Neos will debut in the Chicago and Singapore Innovation centers by the end of the year. DHL Innovation Centers feature the latest automation technologies and services that are reshaping the logistics industry.

At DHL’s Innovation Centers, logistics professionals will get a chance to see Neo in action and learn why Neo is the only floor-cleaning robot that’s uniquely suited to large warehouses. Neo uses advanced AI to autonomously navigate dynamic environments, remapping its route on the fly to avoid fixed or moving obstacles. As pallets are stacked and unstacked, inventory enters and exits, forklifts and other robots move about, and warehouse floor layouts are constantly changing. Neo can adapt to these conditions with ease, changing its route based on real-time conditions. With Neo, warehouse operators can improve cleaning productivity, ensure employee safety and reduce staffing turnover. Neo provides an optimal clean every time — quickly mopping up spills or other messes and then drying floors immediately — to keep warehouses functioning optimally and safely at all times.

Lastly, the choice of cleaning heads makes Neo the ideal warehouse floor cleaner. Neo offers three cleaning systems – the disc and two sizes of the cylindrical brush cleaning heads – since warehouse floors have dirt and debris that require more than a typical floor pad for cleaning. Choose the wrong cleaning system, and you could wind up with debris ground into the warehouse floor surface or possible damage to the cleaning equipment.

Visitors are welcome to tour any DHL Innovation Center to see Neo the floor scrubbing robot in action and learn more about the features Neo offers to warehousing professionals. To learn more about the DHL Innovation Center in Germany, Click here.

Beyond Germany, Avidbots’ floor scrubbing robot Neo will also be heading to the Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore.