August 29, 2019

Avidbots partners with HHS to deploy Neo floor-scrubbing robots in US hospitals

Avidbots is pleased to announce a new partnership with HHS, a leader in providing support services to the healthcare, resort, senior living, aviation, education and government industries. Avidbots will provide multiple Neo floor-scrubbing robots to HHS for use in acute care hospitals across the United States, helping HHS provide more efficient cleaning services to its healthcare customers. HHS has deployed seven robots initially and is looking to expand this initiative in several more hospitals over the coming months. HHS may also deploy additional Neo robots in airports as part of its recently expanded aviation division.

HHS is one of the only healthcare services companies to deploy floor-cleaning robots at scale. Various hospital groups have trialed delivery and cleaning robots; however, HHS will be one of the first to deploy such a large fleet of cleaning robots in hospitals nationwide. HHS provides housekeeping, food service, laundry, facilities management, operations and other services to over 500 customers worldwide, employing over 16,000 team members and 1,000 managers.

“We chose Avidbots Neo as we felt the innovative technology and safety features, combined with the superior level of direct support, were a winning combination,” said Bobby Floyd, CEO of HHS’ Healthcare Division. “Our customers are excited to have Neo in their facilities and HHS has been able to hit our target ROI in the deployments.”

“HHS is the first healthcare services support company to partner with Avidbots at scale, and we couldn’t have asked for a more innovative, forward-thinking partner in the healthcare space,” said Faizan Sheikh, CEO and Co-founder of Avidbots. “HHS is committed to ensuring hospitals maintain excellent levels of cleanliness to meet health and safety standards. Neo will enable HHS to continue to add value to their customers, freeing up maintenance crews to focus on higher-value work such as cleaning patient rooms, nurse stations, and waiting areas.”

By logging into Neo’s web-based Control Center, HHS’s facilities managers in hospitals can get a detailed view of Neo’s cleaning metrics, including productivity, coverage maps, water usage and other KPIs. Since Neo is the only vertically-integrated cleaning robot built from the ground up using cutting-edge AI, mapping algorithms and vision sensors, it effortlessly avoids people and obstacles, ensuring safe operations in hospital environments. Using advanced machine learning, Neo also improves over time, updating its route on the fly to more effectively clean and improve productivity.

“Avidbots has partnered with us at every step, providing ongoing support and automatic cloud-based updates, and that great customer service was a major part of our decision to partner with Avidbots. Through continual software updates, the Neo units we deployed several months ago are actually more effective and efficient today,” said Floyd.

As hospitals continue to grapple with staffing and cost issues, automated floor cleaning will become a “no brainer” for forward-thinking facilities. Cleanliness is imperative in healthcare settings, and Neo can help hospitals maintain spotless environments for patients, their families and staff.