July 13, 2018

Avidbots Neo: 'So much more than a commercial cleaning tool'

We’re delighted to see Neo featured in the latest edition of Unmanned Systems magazine (July/August 2018), a North American publication that has tracked the latest innovations in unmanned vehicles and robotics for over 35 years.

The article, “Avidbots’ Neo is So Much More Than a Commercial Cleaning Tool”, provides an in-depth profile of the purpose-built, floor scrubbing robot that integrates state-of-the-art navigation technology with hardware designed for ease of use, longevity, serviceability, safety and high productivity.

“Designed to clean large hard-surface areas safely, Neo is an autonomous robot that learns about its environment and adjusts to changes. Neo starts this process by scanning the layout of the environment and creating a map during its initial walk-through with a human. In the event that an obstacle pops up, such as a temporary display or booth in the scanned area, Neo has the ability to reroute. If that obstacle moves, Neo will sense that the space is open, and will go back to cleaning the area.”

According to Cameron Waite, Director of Sales, the feature highlights how Avidbots’ expertise and passion for robotics differentiate our development approach: “We’re not a big cleaning company that’s trying to figure out robotics. We give the intelligence to the system. We allow it to make its own decisions to move through the space.”

To learn more about Neo and how Avidbots can help boost your business productivity and employee satisfaction, get in touch.