July 13, 2018

Avidbots Neo 'revolutionising floor cleaning', according to Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

In a feature titled, “Autonomous robots and the cleaning industry“, Facility Cleaning & Maintenance highlights how self-driving floor scrubbers like Avidbots Neo are revolutionizing property maintenance, reducing operating costs, boosting business productivity and enhancing employee satisfaction.

The feature outlines the history of Avidbots and the development of the Neo Floor Scrubbing Robot, which is now in its ninth design iteration and successfully deployed across five continents.

“The difference with Avidbots is that we started as a robot company first, not as a retrofit or an add-on idea. We have built the most technologically advanced and robust robotic hardware and software platform in the industry. Avidbots is 100% vertically integrated into that we have the ability to control and change the hardware, software, and support which makes us nimble and better able to respond to customers needs than the competition,” said Pablo Molina, Avidbots CTO, Chairman, and Co-founder.

Also noted is Avidbots’ focus on customer experience and performance, with a dedicated Customer Success team that supports client deployment across the globe. “We are committed to building the highest quality self-driving floor scrubber. There are many aspects to consider: safety, productivity, ease of use, diagnostics, and reporting – we want to delight our customers at every touchpoint,” Molina explains.

You can read the feature in full over at Facility Cleaning & Maintenance. If you’d like to learn more about how the Neo Floor Scrubbing Robot could boost your business productivity, get in touch.