March 16, 2020

Avidbots Neo at MODEX: Four days of warehouse innovation

It’s a wrap! The Avidbots crew and Neo the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot spent the last four days at MODEX, the world’s largest supply chain expo. Despite news of the Coronavirus outbreak, MODEX continued as planned, drawing many thousands of visitors hoping to learn more about the latest supply chain technologies and innovations. Over 950 exhibitors showed off efficiency-enhancing automation technologies for supply chain and manufacturing facilities, giving a glimpse into the warehouses of the future.

The Avidbots team talked to hundreds of logistics professionals who were eager to learn more about Neo, the only fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot that is powered by the Avidbots AI Platform to adapt to its environment and automatically update its route on the fly to avoid obstacles.

Neo is already installed in dozens of warehouses worldwide, including many managed by DHL. In a bustling warehouse environment where goods, people and vehicles are always on the move, Neo automatically detects and avoids obstacles, such as humans, boxes, forklifts and other robots. With Neo, warehouse floors are always clean, ensuring optimal operations as well as worker health and safety. Neo keeps workers safe by ensuring warehouse floors remain clean at all times, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Neo can also clean areas of a facility that are off-limits to cleaning staff for safety or security reasons.

Neo in action at MODEX 2020:

  • For warehouse operators, Neo delivers three key benefits:

    Increased cleaning efficiency, quality and measurable results: Neo is a highly efficient cleaning tool that delivers a perfect clean every time and allows facilities managers to track cleaning routes and outcomes via the proprietary Avidbots Command Center web-based software.
  • Better time management for workload planning, supervision, and reporting: Neo is easy to operate; custodial staff push start on Neo’s touch screen and the robot sets off on its route, using the Avidbots AI Platform to adapt its path while cleaning. A team member fills Neo’s clean water tank at the start of cleaning and empties the dirty water tank at the end.
  • Dust-free facilities that boost employee satisfaction: A top complaint cited by many warehouse employees is working in a dusty environment, which can lead to respiratory irritation. Neo keeps warehouse floors clean and dust free, providing a safer and more pleasant working environment that improves employee satisfaction, resulting in lower turnover.

To learn more about Neo and how it would fit into your warehouse, please contact us.