September 18, 2019

Avidbots Partners with DHL and makes a big news splash with Neo floor cleaning robots

The media has created quite a buzz since news broke last week about Avidbots providing Neo floor cleaning robots to DHL Supply Chain for use in multiple warehouses it manages across North America. Just part of a larger push to deploy the latest automation technologies, DHL hosted a Media Day to celebrate the grand opening of its new Innovation Center in Chicago, highlighting Neo and other robotic technologies to journalists from around the globe.

The RobotReport article, DHL Innovation Center displays state of warehouse robotics, written by Steve Crowe, is especially noteworthy in its coverage of automated warehouse robots.

The RobotReport spoke to Matthias Heutger, Global Head of Innovation and Commercial Development at DHL. “We are on the verge of the rise of robots in warehousing. The majority of work done in warehouses — 70% to 80% — is still manual. There’s a huge opportunity right now, especially driven by e-commerce. We are not able to cope with the volume, neither in delivery nor in fulfillment. We need to find new ways of doing it.

“In the past, the problem was that automation wasn’t flexible enough and was too cost-intensive. Now with collaborative robots, increased computing power, and lower costs, we see a huge investment in implementing robotics in our warehouses.”

The article includes a video of Avidbots Neo being demonstrated in a DHL warehouse. Click on the video above to see Neo in action! You’ll see how Neo intelligently navigates around obstacles such as trash cans, learn the value of tracking performance, and find out how large an area the floor cleaning robot can cover in just four hours.

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