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Autonomous floor cleaning
for airports and transit facilities

Take your cleaning operations to new heights with Neo 2

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Cleanliness delivers a better passenger experience

The perpetual drive to enhance operational productivity and the passenger experience is a common but significant challenge for airport and transit leadership teams. Both industries are looking to reboot, welcome back passengers and take them where they want to go.

Before passengers start traveling again, they need to feel that both their health and safety are top priorities. Leading airports around the globe have begun implementing innovative solutions to do just that—including deploying Neo. By automating floor care, the housekeeping teams have more time to spend cleaning other areas throughout the airport.

Why Neo for airport and transit facilities?

Enhance the passenger experience with improved floor cleaning operations

Supporting smart navigation, easy operation and a versatile range of cleaning features, Neo, the floor cleaning robot from Avidbots, boasts increased productivity, improved efficiency and real-time measurability compared to traditional cleaning methods.

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Meet Neo

Make Neo a trusted part of your Airport or Transit facilities floor cleaning team

Neo results in a superior autonomous clean and disinfection

Neo increases cleaning frequency

Neo reallocates housekeeping efforts to other activities

Neo enhances the transit or airport terminal’s public image

Neo decreases the exposure to workforce issues including employee absenteeism and turnover

Neo provides highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

Learn more about how Neo can become part of your cleaning operations.

‘...You really care about cleanliness.’

“We receive written notes and feedback. People say, ‘We saw the robot. You really care about cleanliness.’ What is heartwarming—to leadership and the individuals responsible for it—is that we are absolutely lauded for our cleanliness. That’s hard to accomplish with the number of people coming through our facility. We’re exceptionally proud of that. The credit really goes to the housekeeping staff and to Neo, working alongside one another.”